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Clarify Your Unique

Disciple-Making Plan

 Shaped by Your Unique Identity

"The starting point for vision--for thinking about our church's future--is not deciding where we want to go or exploring what is working for other churches, but understanding how we are unique.

Will Mancini, Church Unique


 In this 9-month process you will identify and unlock your congregation's individual identity as a tool for unleashing your one-of-a-kind kingdom potential.

PART 1 Rethink Vision

The common limitations of old vision and strategic planning methods are explored. Church leaders must reconsider the practice of vision today.


PART 2 Uncover Uniqueness

A powerful tool is shared to uncover a church’s unique identity. Vision begins with a clear identity that reveals what your church can do best. This tool is the simple, clear, "big idea' that defines how your church will glorify God and make disciples.


PART 3 Talk Up Vision

You will learn to refine and build a church’s “vision frame”. Missional vision will answer five fundamental questions in a clear, concise and compelling way.


PART 4 Live Out Vision  

You will be equipped with the six elements of a compelling vision that will transform how you communicate. Vision is realized only to the extent that it is integrated into the life of the church, one conversation at a time.

Results Experience By Over 500 Churches

Credit Card

Increase In Generosity

Vision always precedes resources! A compelling vision is more motivating than "We need to keep the lights on!"

Group Discussion

Focused Small Groups

Let's give them something to talk about! Small groups become environments where the vision is discussed, embraced, and advanced

Similing Team

Unprecedented Staff Unity

With a clear goal to work towards together staff minimizes petty conflicts and increases teamwork and synergy.


Higher Volunteer Recruitment

Instead of serving "because the pastor asked me to," a clear vision gives more meaning to service. Volunteers serve longer and invite others to join them.

Social Gathering

More Returning Guests

Fast growing churches do not grow because they are better than others. They grow beause they are clearer than others.

People Gathering in a Meeting Together

More Leadership Credibility

When you can answer the 5 irreducible questions of leadership with confidence people will trust you and want to follow you.

"Churches with a simple process for reaching and maturing people are expanding the kingdom...
Conversely, churches without a process or with a complicated process are floundering. 

Thom Rainer Ph.D, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources

John did an amazing job of taking a group of people with strong varying opinions, to a consensus of the same vision. Enjoyed the process we were taken through, which was explained very well, in order for us to have great clarity on our purpose as a church. Not only did we get clarity we got a plan to make it happen.

Pastor Sam Mabanag - Fairfield, CA

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