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Catalyze Church Growth

With Clear Church Vision


Churches Start Growing When They Know Where They're Going!

Staff Retreats

Clarify Your Direction and DNA

In this process I will walk with your church team for 9 months to take them through a 5-part process that produces vision clarity and disciple-making model unique to your church that leads to church growth. Churches can do the full 5 steps as one process or do them as separate consultations (God Dreams & Church Unique).


Clarify Your Church Direction

This 2-day retreat helps church leaders discover God’s preferred future for your church’s next 5-20 years! At the end you will have a clear, compelling long range vision with short-range action steps.


Define Your Church DNA And Disciple-Making Plan

An 7-9 month process that develops your disciple-making mission and model unique to your church and local context.

"You won't do ministry that really matters

until you define what matters."

Aubrey Malphurs

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