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Executive Pastor Services

 I'll focus on organizing so you can

focus on preaching!


Areas of Expertise

Need an Executive Pastor but cannot afford to hire one full or part-time right now? If you feel like you and your church need administrative and organizational leadership I would love to help! My areas of expertise are below. Check out the service plans!

Brand Strategy

Strategic Planning

Not every pastor is a strategic thinker and that is ok. Many pastors are gifted in other significant ways. The more your church grows the more you will need to think and act strategically. If you are not a natural strategic thinker, then you need help (and can learn) from someone who is. That's where I come in. I want to see each congregation make progress in making disciples, not just making programs.

Flow Chart

Organizational Leadership

Most pastors have been taught to love people, but have not been taught how to lead people. I believe that as a pastor "loving well means leading well."  I absolutely love developing the systems and processes that can help pastors and their staffs lead more effectively. This includes: clarifying staffing roles and structures, prioritizing ministry goals, eliminating staff confusion, creating organizational charts, preaching with vision, and structuring your church for growth.

In a Meeting

Staff Development

Do you have the right people in the right places? Are they equipped to do their jobs? Do they have the right resources and training? Discover what next steps you can take to help raise your church staff to another level of unity, performance, and effectiveness toward helping your church fulfill the Great Commission.

 Check out one of the plans below, choose which one best fits your needs and context. Schedule an appointment and let's talk!


Service Plans


Ephesians Plan

  • With the Ephesians, Paul connected in-person and long-distance 

  • One monthly onsite visit (full workday)

  • Two monthly video consultations

  • Starting at $1,500 monthly (does not include travel)

  • Fee varies on church size, staff size, and services requested

Colossians Plan

  • With the Colossians, Paul corresponded long-distance only

  • Two 2-hour video consultations per month OR

  • One 2-hour video consultation and two 1-hr video consultation

  • Starting at $1,000 monthly

  • Fee varies on church size, staff size, and services requested

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