Lead With Your Unique & Specific Vision

Discover God's clear, compelling vision for your church in just 2 days with a God Dreams Vision Retreat!

"The question is not 'Where do we want to go?' Rather the God-centered question explicitly asserts that He has a vision for us already and that all planning efforts must seek to know it."

Will Mancini, God Dreams


The Horizon Storyline is a tool that breaks down your picture of the future into four time horizons and fills the center of the Vision Frame to become the fully developed picture of where God is taking you.

Vision as Future Picture

This picture represents vision as a future picture using a mountain in the distance with a road and mile marker. This is the symbolic representation of vision as “where God is taking us.” It reminds us that vision is a picture of the future.  The mountain in a distance is farther away than the mile marker just ahead on the road. These images hint to the reality of long-range and short-range vision.

Vision as Horizon Storyline

Notice in the Horizon Storyline visual that the background and foreground horizons each have four squares. This is a part of the secret of this tool. That means these horizons have up to four separate ideas or goals. The beyond-the-horizon vision and the midground vision will each have only one idea.

How the Horizon Storyline Works

We will use the top half of the tool, the beyond-the-horizon vision and the background vision, to describe long-range vision. In essence it’s anything after one year. Then we will use the bottom half of the tool, the midground and foreground vision, to describe short-term vision. It’s anything one year or less.


Increase In Generosity

Vision always precedes resources! A compelling vision is more motivating than "We need to keep the lights on!"

Focused Small Groups

Let's give them something to talk about! Small groups become environments where the vision is discussed, embraced, and advanced

Unprecedented Staff Unity

With a clear goal to work towards together staff minimizes petty conflicts and increases teamwork and synergy.

Higher Volunteer Recruitment

Instead of serving "because the pastor asked me to," a clear vision gives more meaning to service. Volunteers serve longer and invite others to join them.

More Returning Guests

Fast growing churches do not grow because they are better than others. They grow beause they are clearer than others.

More Leadership Credibility

When you can answer the 5 irreducible questions of leadership with confidence people will trust you and want to follow you.

The "God Dreams" process is amazing! John Harris executed the context for discussion in professional manner that helped to keep our team focused (which is hard to do). The reward was the ability to communicate vision to our congregation and organization with concise clarity that resulted in energetic applause. John was always available - responding to questions and concerns throughout the process.

Pastor Mark Tawlks - Roseville, CA